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Managing your time, talent and treasure is actually managing yourself. When we talk of youth and time, talent and treasure management, we are actually talking about self management. Unfortunately many people spend much time studying Business Management yet they do not learn self management. Because of this ignorance, or negligence on the part of many, the resultant effect is that many young people promising lives are wasted.

Time, talent and treasure management is actually self management. Self management is being a good steward of your time, talent and treasure. It is also investing them wisely so that it will be accomplished towards what God wants us to do.

Self management helps us to avoid distractions in life and there are a lot of them. But if we have a focal point, a goal or vision, we will be able to concentrate our efforts towards that goal without allowing ourselves to be pulled in every direction. By applying our time, talents and treasure towards that given goal, managing it well, sealing up the container of life to make sure that not even one drop is wasted, we will achieve success

Be conscious of time. Time is a scarce commodity, everything we ever accomplish in life is tied up to time. without time we cannot get anything done. Time is very important, this is so because there is time available to do everything that God want us and has called us to do. we have all the time we need to do it.