As the name suggests, this section is for Girls and only for girls. Boys Strictly prohibited. For girls, they can talk or do almost anything they want, from gossiping to criticizing, from jewellery to clothes. They have a wide range of Topics to talk about.
What goes inside a girls' hostel? Has this question bothered you as well? And have you been searching for the answers? Say no more. Girls in a hostel have their own share of fights, frights and fun, except that the fun is maximum. Here are 22 things that inevitably happen in all girls' hostels:

1. Major selfie-taking sessions

Single or groupies...taking the perfect selfie just takes major time of the day.

2. Watch everything possible on your laptop over and over again

Let it be movies, series, talk shows, dance shows, award ceremonies in every language possible!!

3. a lot!(about everything possible on planet earth)

It's not called's just sharing real important information

4. Self pampering

More the merrier!

5. Google or facebook the cute guy spotted in a movie or series or at college and drool...

...over his pictures

6. Bitch about how bitchy that other bitch is

7. Major relationship advise

8. Exercise sessions that don't extend more than a week

9. Complaining about the mess food and the rules

10. Talk over the phone for hours

May it be her boyfriend, a long lost friend, or maybe just shruti from next room

11. Show no mercy to the person or the food that comes from home!

12. Maggi to the rescue

Mess food su*ks..thank God for maggi!

13. Major online shopping

14. Meticulous planning and execution of birthdays surprises

15. Jamming sessions in the bathroom

16. Running to each other's rooms for clothes in the morning coz “I've nothing to wear”!!

17. Making or thinking about making the room prettier

18. Trying on clothes

And one thing about girls that live in hostel...they are no more shy to change in front of other girls

19. Complain about “men!”

Maybe not all!..

20. Cat fights?..well we just don't agree on a few things

21. Major dance sessions in your room!

22. How much ever hostel life su*ks!..we love it!

And now you know all the secrets.