Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
Bringing the pieces together
Vowed from now on till forever
These feelings would never part
Never again shall I have a broken heart

Before turning over to a new chapter
Looked back to view the past factor
To know where things went haywire
Where sense gave its way to desire

Gave my heart & soul in love
Find that secret treasure's trove
The whole world he was to me
Was sure this was meant to be

Thought the right cards were played
Carefully crafted words to be said
To tell him I practiced the perfect act
Waited & stood for him to react

To him I was a very special friend
My hopes soared & began to pretend
Alas! I wasn't for him the right one
Things between us could never be done

Hurt, I fought my may in his mind
Puzzles & mysteries to be unwind
Made a list why he wouldn't budge
And how me guilty he would judge

Thousand ways I tried to fend
Torn bridges between us to mend
His wishes & words were to be the last
Pained I suffer remembering the past

Coming back to the current season
Love was never meant to have reason
Those funny feeling began to depart
Never again shall I have a broken heart