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ImageWhich are the most popular seaside destinations across the globe? We offer you a compilation of the top ten.

If you want to relax by the surf this summer, here is a list of the world's best beaches, compiled on the basis of customer experience and popularity as destination getaways.

1. Antigua -- A beach a day

Some say if you've seen one beach, you seen them all -- they have obviously never been to Antigua. The island has 365 unique beaches, of which Dickenson Bay, in the northwest corner of the island, and Half Moon Bay, along the eastern coast, have been voted to be the best.

But it's not all just beaches here; Antigua is also home to hundreds of stone windmills, bars, shops and restaurants, which make it an ideal place to just laze. If sloth is not one of your vices, enjoy the island's warm, steady winds, a complex coastline and a nearly unbroken wall of coral reef -- the elements make Antigua an ideal spot for snorkeling, sea diving and surfing.

Sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving or just plain lounging, whatever your heart desires -- the compass always points to Antigua.

Tip: One of the biggest maritime events -- The Sailing Week -- is held here too. It is one of the top five regattas in the world and the biggest in the Caribbean. Don't miss this one.

Photographs: Paul Kowalow/Wikimedia Commons