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Image10. Mauritius -- Experience to believe!

The island of Mauritius is like a jewel floating on emerald-blue water.

The spectacular beaches of Mauritius are among the most treasured and unsurpassed anywhere else in the world. Every inch of this heavenly isle is steeped in beauty. While the North and West coasts please with beautiful beaches, the South coast is surrounded by cliffs adding a raw, rustic touch to the landscape.

White sands, blue lagoons, rugged cliffs, the call of exotic birds and the view of resplendent sunsets... there's a lot more to Mauritius. Mauritius' almost year-round sunny weather, coupled with its sparkling blue sea waters make the island a perfect get-away for water sport enthusiasts.

There are no words to describe the beauty of Mauritius; after all, some things can be believed only when they are experienced and Mauritius is one of them.

Tip: Mauritius is an island of contrasts and there is much more to the country than lovely beaches. The interior of the country is strewn with natural and architectural treasures. Mauritius also has rare plant and animal species and majestic mountains and forested areas, creating an ecological wonderland full of pleasurable experiences.