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Image9. Mykonos -- One big beach party

Mykonos can be called the Colossus of beach parties.

This paradise beach is the most beautiful of the land, renowned for its parties and beauty alike. It is famous for its lively bars, young crowd and dazzling parties and being a flat beach, it is also ideal for water sports. But the high spot is definitely the innumerous bars. The most famous of these is the Cavo Paradiso -- a lavish club complete with a pool, restaurant and a beach bar.

The serene beach transforms itself into a party zone at night with twinkling lights, music and the soft sand as the dance floor.

The party here never ends!

Tip: Delos, an island close to Mykonos is famous for its ancient temples. Delos was the most important Pan-Hellenic sanctuary, and, according to mythology it was the birth-place of Apollo and Artemis. Daily excursions can be booked in Mykonos.

Photographs: Magnus Manske/Wikimedia Commons