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Image3. Havelock Island -- Hobnobbing with dolphins

Imagine living in an underwater world, the architecture created of coral reefs, dolphins and turtles as neighbours -- albeit living in this world is not possible, you can pay a short visit.

The Havelock Island lies 55 kms northeast of Port Blair -- a serene, sandy stretch of land surrounded by crystal clear water. Home to some of the most interesting coral reefs in the world, Havelock island offers fabulous snorkeling opportunities where you can mingle with sea-life; dolphins, turtles and of course a multitude of colourful fish.

Rated as the best beach in Asia by Time magazine in 2004, Radhanagar creates a picture perfect image of white sands and blue seas with a green background of deep forests.

Getting around is not a problem -- simply hop on a bicycle or scooter. If you fancy, you can always ask one of the friendly dolphins for a lift!

Tip: Interestingly, villages here are nameless; in fact, they are known by numbers. So while the jetty is at Village #1, to shop you have to pay a visit to Village #3, while Village #7 offers a great swimming hole in the form of the Radhanagar Beach.

Photographs: Shifra Menezes