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Two Trainees working in the same office, one wanted some time off, but knew the boss wouldn't allow him to take leave.

He decided to act crazy so the boss would tell him to take a few days off. He hung upside down from the ceiling so the other Trainee asks him "What are you doing'?"

"Ah pretending to be ah light bulb so the boss will think ah crazy and give me time off for a few days".

Just then de boss walks in. "What the arse you doing?"

"I am ah light bulb" the trainee says.

De boss then said, "Man you stress out. You need few days off to recover...go home and come back when you feel better."

The other Trainee starts walking out the door too...

The boss asks him "Where the hell you think you're going?"

The other Trainee replied "I going home....I cant work in the dark.