Is there a writer in u? Or are you in a mood to read some short interesting stories? Here's the Story Section for all tastes.
2. When you're stuck with something on an important assignment, think calmly and you'll figure a way out.
The Stories Of Akbar And Birbal
One day, Emperor Akbar and Birbal were taking a walk in the palace gardens. Suddenly Akbar asked Birbal how many crows were there in his kingdom. Birbal replied, 'There are ninety-five thousand four hundred and sixty-three crows in the Kingdom.' Akbar tried to test him again, 'What if there are more crows than you answered?' Without hesitating Birbal replied, 'If there are more crows than my answer, then some crows are visiting from other neighbouring kingdoms.'

'And what if there are lesser crows?' Akbar asked.

'Then some crows from our kingdom have gone on a holiday to another place.'

It's simple. There is always a way if you think with ease. Always.