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ImageBollywood's most glamourous award show India International Film Awards (IIFA) is slated to take place on June 25.

IIFA sees the most elaborate run-up to the main event and has every actor worth his salt present when it takes place. Understandably, actresses take special care in picking out their dresses for the glorious red carpet entries to the awards.

Here's chaecking out what some of the sexiest Bollywood chicas wore in the previous years:

Bipasha Basu

Bips went for this risque red hot outfit for IIFA in 2007. With dramatic eye make up and a mid riff-baring number, the actress sure was dressed to kill.

The fact that she looked her best at the time only made it all the more appealing.

Image: Bipasha Basu
Photographs: REUTERS/David Moir
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