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The secret agent X emailed a code word to his head office. They are "AIM DUE OAT TIE MOD". But four of these five words are fake and only one contains the information. The agent X also mailed a sentence as a clue - if I tell you any one character of the code word, you would be able to tell the number of vowels in the code word. Can you tell which is the code word?

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The code word is TIE.

If you were told any one character of MOD, then you would not be able to determine whether the number of vowels are one or two. e.g. if you were told M, there are two words with M - AIM with 2 vowels and MOD with 1 vowel. So you would not be able to say the number of vowels. Same arguments can be given for characters O and D. Hence, the word with any one of M, O or D is not a code word i.e. AIM, DUE, OAT and MOD are not the code word. Thus, TIE is the code word.
T : two words - TIE and OAT, both with 2 vowels
I : two words - TIE and AIM, both with 2 vowels
E : two words - TIE and DUE, both with 2 vowels.