Animals are so cute even when they can't speak. Just imagine what would happen if they start speaking their thoughts. Check ut for yourself.
A lady had a beautiful black cat, Midnght, who spent his days outside and came indoors at night.

One crisp fall evening he disappeared.

The lady searched for him in vain.

The following spring, however, Midnight reappeared, looking healthy and clean. She figured he'd been sowing his wild oats.

Everything was back to normal, until that fall, when Midnight disappeared again.

The next spring, he returned. Perplexed the lady went door to door questioning others in the area.

Finally she rang the bell of an older couple.

"A black cat?" the old woman said, "Oh yes, My husband and I hated to see him out in the cold, so we bought a cat carrier. We take him to Florida every winter."

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