This is where we make fun of Religions and communities. Hilarious Community Jokes in the most harmless sense.
St Peter was manning the pearly gates when 40 New Yorkers showed up. Never having seen anyone from the Big Apple at heaven's door before, St Peter thought he had better consult God. So he left the group at the gates and went off to find God.

"I've got 42 people from New York," said St Peter. "Is it safe to let them in?"

"New York, huh?" mused God. "We certainly don't want heaven overrun with New Yorkers. Why don't you just admit the ten most virtuous?"

St Peter went back to relay the news but a few minutes later returned to God in a state of anxiety.

"What's happened?" asked God.

"They've gone," gasped St Peter.

"What, all of the New Yorkers?"

"No, the pearly gates!"