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A tired worker at a construction site paused for a little rest, a younger man walked past him and laughed.

What happened, old man? not enough muscle to push that wheelbarrow anymore?

He stopped and showed his biceps - which were very impressive to say the least.

The other workers looked at the young man disapprovingly, as too often he was making fun of the older men.

Still they tried to put it down to the thoughtlessness of youth.

Where have your biceps disappeared, Grandpa? the young man laughed, - shouldn´t you go and search for them? I don´t see much filling your sleeves!

Enough was enough.

The tired worker straightened his back and looked at the sneering young man straight in the eye.

So you say you have all the muscle you need to push this wheelbarrow and anything in it?

Of course! the young man proudly said, - Wanna bet?

Actually, yes, the older man said, - I´ll bet a whole days wages that I can push something in this wheelbarrow to that warehouse over there - and the bet is:

It is something you with all your muscle can´t push back.

Well, it´s your loss. I'm in! the young man laughed, - Easiest money I have made!

You witnessed the bet? the older man asked and others around them nodded.

He then turned to the young man, pushed the wheelbarrow towards him and said: - Ok, hop in.

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