Computers and technology are not to be made fun of. Do you really think so? Get in here to know the truth about them.
The WikiLeaks scandal has created nothing short of a storm worldwide, but there's a lighter side to everything. So here are the top eight WikiLeaks jokes to see the funnier side of it all.

8. WookieeLeaks: The leaked secrets are being seen in the realm of 'Star Wars.' For instance, Twitter users are posting messages under the tag 'WookieeLeaks'.

"Sources close to the Emperor claim that he was aware of the tragic design flaw that allowed Rebels to destroy the Death Star," goes one post.

7. David Letterman, antiterror mastermind: A State Department cable, according to news reports, was headlined 'David Letterman: Agent of influence.'

The point? American comedy or popular TV shows in Saudi Arabia might prevent youngsters from becoming terrorists, reports the Christian Science Monitor.

6. It's a generational thing: Jon Stewart of 'The Daily Show' brought in Aasif Mandvi, who said, "It's the 21st century, what I've coined the 'information age,' a glorious Utopian datascape in which everyone has a right to know everything about everyone. It's why I get to see your [private parts] at the airport."

5. The Onion website: The Onion website reveals, "Threats and aid offers equally ineffective in forcing Vladimir Putin to put a shirt on during diplomatic negotiations."

After a few more items, the Onion discloses a final secret, "U.S. diplomatic privacy measures are terrible."

4. Hitler: WikiLeaks is the latest story line to be overlaid onto a 'Downfall' scene in which Hitler rants in front of his inner circle.

In one, Hitler calls Assange and tries to get him interested in new details about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And another 'Downfall' parody shows Hitler getting angry because hackers have shut down access to WikiLeaks websites.

3. Sarah Palin hunts Assange: Video news reports by Next Media Animation (NMA), a Taiwan-based company, show Assange trying to obtain documents by personally sneaking into government buildings while Sarah Palin grabs her gun, apparently ready to help hunt him like a caribou.

2. "Well, that WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, turned himself in to police in England today," Jay Leno said this week on late night TV.

"When the judge asked him where he lived, he said he didn't want to give out that information. Well, you can understand that. Everybody has the right to privacy, don't they?"

1. Rep. Jack Kimble, a faux congressman from California, told his Twitter followers on Wednesday, "I have been attacked by Wikileaks. They have changed all the prices in my campaign shop to ridiculously low levels."

Comedian Jimmy Fallon said, "WikiLeaks supporters ... have hacked Sarah Palin's credit card information after she criticized founder Julian Assange. Sarah [is] very upset and hopes suspicious charges to her account can be 'refundiated.' "