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Located on New Zealand’s North Island (about 60 km north of Auckland) lies a 1,000 acre (4 sq km) property owned by one of New Zealand’s wealthiest businessmen, Alan Gibbs. The area is the site of Alan’s private art park known as Gibbs Farm. Open to the public by appointment, the sculpture park features an incredible variety of massive sculptures by some of the world’s most famous artists.

It’s fascinating to see how each artist has incorporated the unique landscape into their work. Almost all of the sculptures in the collection were commissioned new works as opposed to purchased pieces.

The property itself is dominated by the Kaipara Harbour (the largest harbour in the southern hemisphere) which occupies the entire western horizon. The water is quite shallow so when the tide goes out, the shallows are exposed for several kilometres and the light shimmies and bounces off it across the land. Everything in the property flows towards and eventually into the sea; and every work contends in some way with the slide seaward.

The Incredible Sculptures of Gibbs Farm