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Every one of kinds of issues confront the modern teenager as they try to grow into adulthood. The pressure of finding girlfriends or boyfriends, parental expectations, the compulsion to do well at those institutions that demonstrate so much bearing on our destiny, schools, and universities, every one of add up to complicating an already complicated period of our lives. It's easy for those of us who display been teenagers to look back and comment upon it objectively, but it is less hard to cope with the challenges when you are going through the phase.

Peer pressure can lead to sound things or bad things, but it has always existed and always will in the destination. When trying to fit in and be cool, teenagers may time and again find themselves going against their own will and doing things they might regret later on. As expected it isn't always like that – peer pressure can improve academic performance and erect a pleasant moral compass. It all rather depends on what specimen of crowd the teenager falls in with. Strong-minded teenagers can insulate themselves against peer pressure to some degree, but doubtlessly not completely.

The teenage years are the formative years for improvement and growth. Along these years, the teens learn who they are and the description of human they will become. They make changes to their personality, and those changes stay with them for the duration of their life. This is the time when teens make choices as to their behaviour and personality. They might pick to be one of the preferred boys and girls in their class and take on the cheerleader or soccer persona. On the other hand, some children pick a darker personality such as a 'Goth,' or one of the youthful people that wears black clothing.

Bullies are cowards, as the old adage has it, with internal security subjects that they take out on those whom they perceive to be weaker. Bullying is especially a issue amongst children and teenagers, as they have yet to be properly socialized and individuated as adults. Thus, their moral sense is immature, and they are less likely to encounter guilty or ashamed about subjecting others to abuse. Although certain steps can be taken to stamp out bullying, this process is complicated by the fact that similar power relations exist across our societies. One need only turn on the TV or read the newspapers to spot a depiction of a powerful antagonist making life hard for a weaker subordinate.

Puberty can be a scary and challenging period of one's life, when new unprecedented urges and emotions are coming to the fore. There are every one of kinds of associated problems such as unhappiness, worthless-esteem, reluctance, and irrationality. Studies suggest that teenagers who are able to speak honestly about the happenings they are having with puberty to parents, peers, and teachers will cope that much better with the phase than those who sense they must repress themselves. Sadly, conservative and religious sectors of our societies present tended to regard puberty as problematical and therefore not worth discussing properly. The important thing to remember is that puberty is a completely natural process that must be dealt with.

As with all periods of change in a person's life, teenage years are ambiguous and uncertain. With so numerous pitfalls possible – from low spirits to concern to anomie – the best that populace around the teenager can do is to offer their overflowing, patient support. Parents would do well to remember that whatever happens in youth is not immutable; mistakes made may always be rectified later in life with the benefit of wisdom accrued through greater experience of life and the world.

Author : Maryrose Spurback