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Have you ever wondered why rich people seem to get richer easily while those in the poverty cycle seem destined to be stuck there forever? The reason is simple. You need to think and act like a rich person first before you can really be rich. Let's take a look at some of the characteristics of rich people.

1. No limited self belief

Rich people believe they are destined to be rich and there is nothing that can stop them from achieving that financial freedom goal. They will do whatever necessary to reach their goals including doing things that they dislike or taking on tasks that seem impossible to complete.

2. Recognize the importance of time

Rich people also recognize that time is their most important asset and a very scarce resource. They do not waste their precious time sitting in front of a TV watching soap operas or other entertainment programs like "Survivors." They also know how to use the power of leverage to achieve maximum results with minimum efforts.

3. Seek out other people of higher social status

Many poor people only network with other people that are of the same status as them. They do not actively seek out other people who are wealthier. The rich people will do the opposite. They want to network and learn from others who are better and wealthier.

4. Expense as investment

To many poor people, the best way to manage money is to use less of it. However, rich people have a different viewpoint. To them, many expenses can be viewed as investments. By spending a certain amount of their money to acquire an asset or skill, they know they will get back what they spent in the future.

5. Strong self-confidence

Many rich people exhibit a high level of self-confidence that is often contagious. They are optimists and maintain a positive outlook at all times. Their confidence is not easily shaken by external factors.

6. Good money habits

While saving is a good virtue and habit, many rich people feel that it is not the best way to grow your money. Rich people will put a significant portion of their wealth in some kind of investment vehicles that give them a better ROI than a normal saving account. They also do not spend their money aimlessly buying things that have no real value such as lottery tickets.

7. Philanthropy

Many rich people are also great philanthropists. They frequently make charitable donations intended to increase human well being. A great example is Bill Gates who set up his own charitable foundation aimed at providing lifesaving health care products for the poorest part of the world.

Most rich people did not become wealthy overnight. They faced many setbacks and challenges to get to where they are today. To them, setbacks and challenges provide valuable lessons that help them find the way to great wealth as well as strengthen their ability to faced adversities in life.