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Models showing Tommy Hilfiger's spring collection sported white bandanas protesting the American president's executive order on immigrants.

Looks like the fashion industry is not too pleased with the Trump family.

It started with celebrity fashion designer Tom Ford refusing to dress the First Lady, Melania Trump. India-born American designer Naeem Khan too made it clear that he would not be designing for Mrs Trump.

The latest to join in the protests is fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, who decided to launch his spring collection in California instead of joining his peers in New York.

The designer used the fashion event to show his solidarity for the #TiedTogether movement, by getting his models to sport white bandanas in protest of Donald Trump's anti-refugee order.

The #TiedTogether movement was launched by The Business of Fashion in support of solidarity, human unity and inclusiveness. Starting from the Tommy Hilfiger show, the white bandana will be adopted by designers, photographers and bloggers/editors across the world.

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The anti-Trump fashion show
IMAGE: Model Gigi Hadid walks the runway during the 2017 Tommy Hilfiger show with a white bandana tied to her wrist.

"We believe in unity," Hilfiger told The Times, UK. "It is not political one way or the other, but we would like to wave the white flag for the world."
All photographs: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters
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