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ImageUtilising the powers of the Nintendo Wii system, Retro Studios once again takes us beyond bounty Hunter Samus Aran. The Galactic Federation's Base Sector Zero is under attack by Space Pirates. Samus must boot up the generator to restore the defence systems. But at the end of path, something awful is waiting for her.

The war initiated by Samus' mortal enemy, Dark Samus and the space pirates rages across planets as they attempt to destroy each with Phazon seeds. Players use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk to explore alien landscapes, hunt for weapons and information, and destroy the seeds.

Saving the planets from destruction isn't enough. Eventually, players must bring down Dark Samus. Besides using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers to pull off amazing feats like aiming and blasting in midair or at a full run, players also have an array of weapons at their disposal.

What's Hot: "Metroid" fans are raving about the top-notch art design and say the game sets the standard for using the Wii's motion controls in shooter games.

What's Not: Breaks little new ground, no multiplayer, some may face a steep learning curve with the new controls.

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Publisher: Nintendo