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ImagePlayers take the form of a woman wielding a god's blade to save her people from destruction. Heavenly Sword is a tale of revenge that sees Nariko, a fiery red-haired heroine, embark on a quest to avenge an invading King and his army.

The story builds around the ancient Heavenly Sword, which once belonged to a powerful deity. It can never be wielded by a mortal without it slowly but inevitably draining his life-force.

When the invading King destroys the warrior clan that guards the Heavenly Sword, the clan leader's daughter, Nariko, takes up the sword in a desperate fight for survival.

What's Hot: Critics are raving about the game's lush graphics, epic feel and stylish martial arts moves that let players' stake out waves of enemies.

What's Not: Recent previews have said the game needs to run more smoothly, and there are some who see it as a rip-off of Sony's hit "God of War" series.

Platform: Sony PS3

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment