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Whether interacting personally or over the telephone, professional telephone etiquettes come in handy when it comes to making the right first impression.

Your tone of voice, self confidence, communication skills - all contribute in making your telephone conversations professional, courteous and able to make an impact.

Here are some simple tips to follow while answering your own professional calls or handling calls for others -

Avoid using Slangs.

Make use of phrases such as "May I help You", "You are welcome", and "Thank You", etc.

Put the receiver down gently. Never slam the phone.

Always speak clearly so that the other person can understand what you are saying.

When picking up the phone, it is good practice to identify your Company and yourself to the caller.

When transferring calls, make sure that you are well versed with the procedure for call transfers. It is good practice to use the name of the person you are transferring the call to.

Always adopt a pleasant tone of voice and be attentive.

When placing a call on hold, inform the caller of the same.

Don't interrupt the caller when speaking.

When initiating a call, spend a few moments to mentally prepare yourself so that you know wheat need to be said / discussed.