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The teen hair style and color

Every trendy hair style needs color, and the same is true for the teen hair style.
Adding color can be as simple as a few highlights or lowlights or
it can come in the form of dramatic changes such as dark colors for the Gothic look.
Color for the teen hair style can also be a statement of itself.
Just look at the colors worn by Pink and Christina Aguilera.
Their most popular teen hair style cuts were not really anything that unique,
it was their color that set their teen hair style apart from others.

When choosing color for your teen hair style do not be afraid to try something funky and unique.
This may be the only time in your life that you can get by with blue highlights.
Also, do not become wrapped up in choosing the same color for your teen hair style that you have seen worn by other people.

Stay unique, venture out, be brave and you will always have a teen hair style worthy of envy