Get in here to get the Interview Tips of Various Companies. Or see how to improve performances related to your job.
1. Tell us about yourself?
Keep your answer very simple and brief. Don't prolong by telling your family history and schooling. Be brief and focus more on your skills initiatives and adaptability.

2. Why should we hire you?
Because I have all the attributes that this role requires. Knowledge, experience, skills and abilities. You need to be confident while replying and no vague answers.

3. Why are you looking for a change? or Why do you want to leave your company?

Be positive while answering. You want to work with a company where you can make a long term career. Where you can use your skills and learn new skills. Be honest if there was any retrenchment in the previous company e.g. Our Department was consolidated or eliminated.

4. What are your strengths?
Your strengths should relate to the company and job opening. I have a proven track record as an achiever.Positive attitude, good sense of humour, good comunication skills, dedicated, team player, willingness to walk the extramile to achieve excellence etc.

5. What are your weaknesses?
Never say you do not have any weak points. Try not to reveal your personal characteristics. I often get impatient with others sloppy work.

6. What challenges did you face in your previous jobs?
Getting things planned and done on time within the budget. Quote any example that you have experienced.

7. How will you motivate your team?
Bottom line is do it show it and inspire. Involve all the members in the ongoing development and progress of the company. Communicate and interact with the team members. They want regular updates on their personal performance. Keep them updated.Celebrate individual and team performance. Catch people doing something right and focus on recognizing excellent performance.Set challenging goals. Team will work hard to accomplish them. Believe in your people. Majority of them want to perform.Motivate emplyees for the next level. Consistent and transparent with the team. Let the members know why doing an asigned task is important to you the organization and them.Set the example for others to follow.