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teacher: johny! you missed school yesterday didnt you ??
johnny: no not at all

little johnny comes home and says he got an F in arithmetic
'why' asks his father
johny:the teacher asked me wats 2x3 and i said 6
'then she asked me wats 3x2'
father: wats the BLOODY difference
johnn: thats exactly wat i said

Teacher: johnny you no u cant sleep in the class
johnny: i no but if you r a little quieter, I COULD

one day johnny goes to his mom all dirty and messy and askes" who am i " his mom playing the game shes " i don no who r you " johnny jumps up and down and happily says "mr wilson was rite my mom wouldnt recognize me cause iam tooooooooooooo messsy"

johnny all sad come to his teacher and askes "teacher will you scold me 4 something i havnt don "
teacher: no ofcourse NOT
johnny: goood cause i havnt don my homework