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hi guys ....i had attended test on 7th of aug in pessce madya..
the test was contducted by merittrack..... there were four section including total 100 questions
first section was verbl reasoning test it include as fowwos
preposition filling
passages there were two passages actually somewaht tough 10 questions
second part was aptitude test

* simple apti on venn diag four questions
* data sufficiency five questions Rs aggg is enough
* question like if + is represented by , * is + , is - easy one just we haveto substitute the corresponding signs and calculate..
* question on & and * problem if & rpresents 1 and * represents 0 then 4 can be 1** and 3 can be && then answers followings
* (&******)1&&..just look at the question it is binary representation

fourth section was logical reasoning quite easy just we you have to manage ur time and u can do it easily
question like
19873456 19873456 19874356
just to check out which are similar option 'a' if all re same 'b' if two are same....etc four question
if all cows are blue
some blues are dog then make conclusion ...similar kind four questions
the last section was technical for the respective branch student some confusing but eEASY
30 questions from the technical
just be cool and manage ur time u can easily crack it
best of luck