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I pick the shattered pieces if my life,
I try to put them together again.
But reason for my sorrow still haunts me,
It still drives me insane.

I want to move on,
Ahead of the reason, the love, that made me cry,
But fettered to my past I cannot move,
No matter how much I try?

My failed love still haunts me,
Keeps flashing through my mind,
A love I cherished and protected,
To me it is being most unkind.

My trust is broken by love,
It has made me its slave,
Took all that I had, from me,
While nothing to me it gave.

Have not got much from love,
All I got is grief, tears and sorrow,
A haunted past and a haunted present,
And as I dread, maybe a haunted tomorrow.

It looks me in the eyes,
On my loss in love, it still taunts me,
I hide in a corner from myself,
As my love still haunts me.