Follower of the Latest Fashion Trends? Or are you a Trendsetter yourself? We have a huge collection of images from Fashion shows of Top Designrers and photographs of Fashion Models featuring trendy accessories.
Fropki lists five trends you can take from the recent fashion week to your closet.

Firmly stationed in the grips of an 80s revival, facial hair art is decidedly thicker. Eyebrows are bushier, though still well shaped. They start closer at the bridge of the brow and grow out longer. Combing them at the thicker end will make them spikier. Think Brooke Shields not Kajol.

Let your brows grow out a month and ask your stylist to leave them two lines thicker than usual and forgo the scissors trim. Don’t go for a dramatic over growth, just decide what you are comfortable with.

Shorts have moved from Goawear into offices, under formal shirts. But these are more tailored than cut-off jeans. Formal shorts are constructed like trousers with fold-up hems, pleats and button-tab belts. They can be high or low waisted, with a sash or tulip hemmed. Treating them like trousers, wear them under formal shirts or blousons, left untucked. The colours are of the boardroom beige, browns, black and pinstriped creams. In keeping with the corporate look, wear a boyfriend jacket, cork heeled pumps, waistcoat or ankle-length gladiator sandals. Carry a soft bag.

A pair of beige shorts that stop high on the thigh and have rolled or folded up hems. If they have pleats on the waist to keep them baggy, even better.

With glam rock on the ramp and off it, can chains be far behind? Turning away from pure gold and silver, bronze, pewter and tarnished gun metal chains are used as embellishments on jacket labels, shoulders of dresses and jumpsuits and around the waist. Hang clutches of safetypins at strategic places for a more raw look. Mind that these are the only accessories you wear with your ensemble.

Metres and metres of dull gold chains that can be versatile for the waist and neck. Skip pendants or charms.

The next level in tights is inhabited by textures and metallic colours. Gunmetal, faux leather, faux crocodile and snake-skin textures and colours, checks and those with buckles at the ankles. If you can find them, bright colours in a slightly diaphanous fabric will add that pop of colour to a plain tunic or dress. Taut, they must reach your ankle and not above or below, and particularly should not gather into a churidaar. If you intend to travel, you could even get a pair of stockings in a bright print to wear under a short dress or skirt.

Shrug on a green or blue chikankaari tunic over metallic tights, with a cropped cotton or denim jacket. Seal the deal with huaraches, ankle-length boots or gladiator sandals.

Hemlines and necklines have receded so drastically that the little dress now just about covers your bottom, and leaves neck and shoulders bare. Drapery forms bows, corsages at the shoulder and pleats keep it feminine. Evening dresses are the shortest they have been in this decade.

Get a jewel toned (dark blue, purple, wine) dress in a luxurious fabric like silk or satin. Shun the plain tube in favour of construction details like drapes, pleats and rosettes.