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4. Keep your toilet paper dry by making a dispenser out of an old coffee canister. Before you head out on your next camping trip, save a coffee can or a big plastic coffee canister to take with you. It's the perfect size for a roll of toilet paper, and with the lid on the roll will stay fresh and dry, without anyone crawling inside or the paper getting wet or soggy.

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Soggy toilet paper is useless toilet paper, and useless toilet paper is worse than no toilet paper at all. Thankfully this simple tip from the Alaska Outdoor Journal repurposes a coffee canister or can you'd get from any grocery store (assuming you buy large cans of pre-ground coffee, that is) to hold a roll of toilet paper. This may be old hat to seasoned campers, but it definitely beats a paper bag, and coffee cans can have other uses at your campsite, too.