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From having self confidence, walking a dog to being optimistic, and kind towards others we are talking all that and more.

1. Light Stubble: Women found guys with heavy stubble - about 10 days’ worth - to be more handsome than those with a lighter shadow, a full beard, or a completely clean-shaven face, research found. Scientists believe that heavy stubble shows a good balance of masculinity. Past research has shown that partners who are highly masculine, which could be perceived by full beards, may be less likely to invest in long term relationships.

2. Playing With A Baby: Actually, a man’s best wingman might still be in diapers. According to research, men who played nice with babies were more than three times as likely to score a woman’s phone number than guys who ignored the newborns. In fact, 40 percent of ladies gave up their digits after they saw men smiling, cooing, and talking with small children.

3. Walking A Dog: Dogs are indeed man’s best friend. According to a study, women were three times as likely to give out their phone numbers to a guy on the street if he approached them with a dog than if he inquired alone. Pooches boost perceptions of kindness, thoughtfulness, and sensitivity - all qualities women find appealing in guys.

4. Optimism: Optimism is not quite the same as self-confidence. Self-confidence shows a can-do attitude. Optimism is believing that things beyond a man's control are going to work out just fine anyway. Since women can be natural worriers, the ability to offer reassurance is an attractive quality.

5. Listening Skills: If you're a good listener, a woman will be more likely to fall in love. The way to a woman's heart is through her mind. Listening well and truly caring about what she says is a sure way to get her to notice you. But, one of the important things about having good listening skills isn't just being quiet and letting the woman talk; asking questions and showing active interest is essential.