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Your favourite fashion destination?
Singapore is my favourite fashion destination for sure! The sense of style you find there is very unique and different from Paris or New York.

Where do you stay?

My stay basically depends on what I am going there for. If I go there for my shows then it's just any hotel. Otherwise, I stay with my friends in Woodlands.

Favourite shop?

There are many huge shopping malls there like Takashimaya or Isetan, which have a variety of stores and outlets. I even like to buy stuff from the flea market once in a while.

First item bought?

During one of my first few visits to Singapore, I picked up this sporty green and black off-shoulder dress. It has a nice print on it. It's a very casual dress that has to be worn with sneakers; it won't go well with sandals or something.

Most memorable purchase?

I have these very smart ankle length yellow sneakers that I picked up from one of the malls there.

Best cocktail bar/ fashion pack hangout?

There is this great place in Singapore that has three night clubs in the same space. One of them is called Zook. I love to go there because there is so much happening under one roof—and that truly fascinates me.

Best place for bargain buys?

I am not someone who is into bargaining at all, if I like something I just pick it up.

What do you stock up on when you're there?

I don't really stock up on any particular thing. I just buy anything that I like—funky tights, socks, net stockings and so on. I just like to pick up random stuff since it's so different and stylish.