Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
Love is in the air,
You gotta feel it everywhere.
Life's a roller-coaster, strange how it feels,
'coz Mr.Cupid is up on his heels.

They say all's fair in love & war,
But dearest Cupid, you'll take how far?
Love is fine, but this is like a craze,
Dreams now rule- all nights, all days.

The feeling's fresh, the mania's new,
How to know if it's actually true.
Hours fly by but thoughts never end,
Sitting dumb in the office is now kinda trend.

"Hey that's a limit,"my files cry out in pain,
They are held static for too long, I've gone insane.
The same is stared upon, without an eyelid batting,
Even the print's got tired, it's gradually fading.

It's all bad with me, he's not affected a bit,
Now that's why I call you…'STUPID CUPID'!
You are hurt or whatever, I care not,
You're so damn cold, but my temper's hot.

Fine, you love to fly with your furry wings,
But why did you trap only me with your strings?
Can't your arrows find any other target around?
Leave me alone, find someone else on the ground!

Catch 'em all, those freaky chicks,
Or those wannabe dudes, who make me sick.
Hit them on, they're waiting for that,
But spare me now, you plump brat!..lolz

I know, I bet, you'll not listen,
But still gonna speak from within this prison.
If you can't sting all, do this quick,
Get him for me, or you gonna be kicked.

Come'on, you know, who's that great person,
The one who has turned me into a lost-and-never-found version.
I know him not 'coz he's got some fame,
It's just that the darned arrow had his name.

I'll never call you 'stupid', sweetest Cupid, :oops:
If you just get your bow & arrow to hit him.
Just this wish if you for once serve,
The two of us will live happily in the world of own.

I'll not simply say 'thanks', but pray to you day & night,
And do what you ask, with all my might.
Help me please, you- generous angelic dove,
For once dear Cupid…lemme have my love !!!