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Image Picture this. Pass outs from 12th standard are standing in a queue at a famous engineering college of Chennai for application forms. The Vice Chancellor himself is distributing the forms. After a few admission seekers receive their forms, it is the turn of a girl clad in smart denims. To her surprise, the Vice Chancellor refuses to give her one. The reason? The girl is dressed in jeans, informs the official! The girl pleads and is eventually given the application form but only on the condition that she swears not to wear jeans if she joins the college.

If this scene (based on a true life incident reported in a local Tamil daily and brought to our attention by one of our readers Gomathi Natarajan) shocks you, read on to know the state of affairs in colleges across the country.

'Moral parenting' and 'academic discipline' are fashionable phrases in college campuses these days. Managements swear by it and universities brandish massive power in its name. Insisting that students must dress 'decently' and modestly, many colleges have banned jeans, skirts, sleeveless suits, tight-fits, transparent outfits and, in some cases, even coloured or checked t-shirts!

"It's so frustrating, a total ban on something as comfortable as jeans is just not done and same goes for cell phones. Most of the colleges are located in the suburbs of metros; we need to keep in touch with our friends and families. And is it too much to ask? The management could have cracked down only on the wrongdoers. This whole moral parenting concept is actually annoying," says Ruchi Sharma, a physiotherapy student from Noida.