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Are the students against a code? Not really!

Image So, even though colleges across the country are frowning at the supposed 'lack of conduct' and 'unacceptable attire', dress codes and other bans within the campus are now rules the students admit they have to live with. And seems like even the students are not against discipline; however, they want the implication process to be more humanitarian, rational and in their interest.

Supports Niyati Mehra, who is pursuing Bachelors in Business Administration in Gaziabad, "There should be dress sense, instead of a dress code. Certain kinds of dressing do convey sexual invitation. What we see on TV doesn't work in real life. It is important to dress austerely."

Agrees Manya Verma, student of a college famous for its outlaws, "Even we understand that spaghetti and noodle straps are not meant for college wear. You wouldn't go to a disco in a sari would you? But that doesn't mean we are deprived of basic things and hundred types of unreasonable bans and fines are imposed on us."

Students today are looking forward to a significant mindset change, a change that will ensure that their voices are heard. Respecting the concerns and thoughts of their educators, they just wish their colleges to be more progressive.

Will they be able to change the writing on the wall?

Do you think it would be correct to impose a restriction upon what one wears on the pretext of moral parenting and discipline?