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Freedom of expression?
Image From being denied the right to use cell phones on the campus, to being directed on what to wear, from being ruled on whom to talk and what to talk about and even where to sit, students are increasingly finding the learning atmosphere too stifling.

"You won't believe we have to pay fines for small things that can be categorized as personal preferences. Girls are given the ticket if they get their nose pierced or get a second piercing on the ear. Guys pay for trendy haircuts (how a teacher defines trendy is his or her personal viewpoint), coloured hair and even for chewing gums," whines Saurabh (identity changed on request), an engineering student from Mangalore.

"As a fresher I felt that college is the end of my social life. Then gradually the college restrictions encouraged me and my friends to find other places to chill and relax. And did we have a choice? I agree that these places might not be good for us. But now even the pubs declare after college hours as 'happy hours'. We go and hang out in pubs and discs." says Bhavana, who is pursuing her Bachelor's in computer applications, (identity not revealed on request).

Teacher's take

While students are protesting the unwelcome hurdles on the path to adulthood, what do teachers have to say? The answers are not surprising. Professors counter all such allegations by saying that indecent attire invites unpleasant public reactions and provokes sexual harassment of students. However, when asked about other restrictions imposed on students in the name of academic discipline, they don't have much to say.