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I think stress is one of the worst things to happen to your skin. It can completely ruin beautiful skin. I have suffered too L. We get so caught up with work and the other million things that cause stress in our lives that we forget to take care of our skin.

A lil scientific info that I came across – the 'Fight or flight' mechanism generated by any stress releases stress hormones – adrenaline and cortisol, these constrict the blood vessels and shunt the blood supply to vital organs. The organ which gets the last priority is our skin!

No wonder our skin gets so screwed up by stress – esp the face. I know for a fact that stress causes dark circles around the eyes for me and pimples and other ugly beings to start partying on my skin. My skin also starts looking so pale and lifeless, that I start looking like the supporting cast from The Mummy.

What we need to do is take some time out to relax and balance. It is not only good for our skin, but for our overall wellbeing. Start taking time out for your skin.

Nourish it – eat a diet rich in vit A, C and E.
Repair it – Go to a good skin clinic / salon regularly and lie back and let the experts do the job. Water it – Drink as much of it as you can. For good skin at least 3 ltrs per day. (The countless trips to the loo will pay off J ).
Protect it – Use a good quality sunscreen daily. Apply at least 20 mins before stepping out.

Tip – Apply moisturizers on slightly damp skin helps preserve suppleness

Also it is neccessary to go to a skin expert every month.