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once upon a time
when there was no women no wine
no rythm no rime
i tell u the story of that time,when breeze was divine.

it was so beautiful to be alone
when our identities were still to be known
he was walkin alone down the road
not knowin the destiny of his mode

he loved the mountains and the vallies
looked the mellows and the gallies
the beauty and passion glittered in his eyes
he liked it with a lot of pride

he looked out for deeds
which make him bleed
the creed in which shakled at
the obstacles at which he might boggled at

but since this is the story of that time
when there was no women no wine
no rythm no rime
and the breeze was still divine

he didnt find then
even in the dreams,nor in the streams
and he lived happily,in that mode
walkin alone down that road

singing that beautiful song without any load
living the life of that beautiful stone
which is stand still and is still to be known