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ImageA WOMAN can tell a nice guy from a pervert. They have a sixth sense. But what happens when the sixth sense gets a bit jaded? Or if there isn't much time for it to give you warning signals — like in the case of the hotel maid who was chased by a uncovered IMF boss who had just stepped out of his bath. Clearly we need a guideline for women so that they can watch out for office perverts.


The most dangerous of the lot. He uses his power and position to get women to do whatever he wants. Dominique Strauss Kahn is an apt example.


Yes research suggests that all men are bound to stare at women. It is what they call 'basic instinct'. But some men have an overdose of the 'ogle' gene. Now this particular creature stares shamelessly at every woman who comes his way. It doesn't matter if she is fat, thin, ugly or sexy… he finds something to stare about in the woman. He usually lurks around in the reception or the corridors to find a new prey.


He's that sweet, little harmless guy, who's wife packs a threestorey lunch- box for him. Who would have thought he is a pervert! For this father- ofthree, his looks can be quite deceptive. He is sweet, polite and looks harmless, but the sweet- talker doesn't forget to pat you on your back every time he says 'hi' — nor does he forget to throw a quick glance at your bums the moment you turn around.


Everything he says has a dual innuendo. And the worst part is that you can't really tick him off for talking dirty to you. Jasmine Singh, business analyst, tells us about her tryst with the dirty talker. "One day while deciding what place to go to for lunch someone suggested my favourite lunch place, to which I said — 'Oh! I never say no to that place'. The dirty talker's response was almost immediate — 'What else do you never say no to?' The smirk on his face and the gleaming eyes were just so hard to miss."


It will take you just about four days to diagnose that the man is suffering from the winking disease. "He never shies away from winking at you every single time he passes by and for no particular reason. I had a colleague who winked at me every time he cracked a silly joke, as if I was his best bud for 20 decades!" says Nidhi Sharma, a brand manager with a food retail chain.


This man does not have a squint, nor does he have a crick in the neck. "He is the one who often has to be reminded that a woman's face is five inches above from where he's looking," says Sharma.


In a blog called Adventures of the office pervert, the blogger gives a detailed tutorial on how to spot a woman's bra. He sits right next to you and discreetly peers through the gaps in your blouse (if you are wearing a buttoned blouse).

You will sometimes find him standing behind you while you are working on your computer. No points for guessing what he's looking at!

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