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Moral Relativity has existed at least as far back as Greek philosophical thinking around 400 BCE. It occurs when a society puts material values ahead of spiritual values. Spiritual here does not necessarily mean religious, supernatural or otherworldly. Most people would say that the spiritual world of religion is the opposite of the material world. Material, as used here, means anything that can be experienced by the senses, a real existing thing. So anything that cannot be directly sensed and or measured would be spiritual. Some examples of things that cannot be experienced directly by the senses are Truth, Honesty, and Courage.

We often hear the words ‘Human Spirit’ used to refer to things that are not supernatural. When someone dreams of doing the impossible and then does it. Such things as climbing Mt. Everest or going to the moon are often referred to as examples of the ‘indomitable human spirit’. All of us touch the spiritual within us when we experience the wonder of a beautiful sunset, the awe of experiencing a sudden, powerful storm, a wind tossed ocean, the stars on a clear night.

Spirituality comes in two kinds, individual and social. Our feelings brought on by a beautiful sunset are individual (however if we are with someone at the time we will probably feel a sharing of that spirituality). Spirituality can be collective. When we landed on the moon, much of humanity shared in the spirit of accomplishing the impossible. For me, the birth of my son was an extremely spiritual event that I shared with his mother.

The opposite of materialism is non-materialism, as in not coveting material objects. The decline of religion and proclaimed ‘death of God’ has left a gaping hole in the human psyche which materialism has attempted to fill. “If life on earth is all we get, shouldn’t we fill it with as much pleasure as possible?” Well, if this is the only life we get, no matter how much material pleasure you fill it with, when you go, the pleasure is gone, poof. What about immortality through fame? After you are gone it doesn’t matter how many times your name is repeated or your picture viewed, or your book read, your gone, poof, But there is a sense of immortality in several other things. First, the human species goes on. If you had children, your spirit is living on as a part of them. If you have touched other lives, been a good husband, friend, exemplified the human spirit to others, your spirit will be part of their lives

Materialism is outside of us, non-materialism (our spiritual nature) is inside of us. The spiritual inside of us is what is not-material inside of us. Bones, blood vessels, etc are the material inside of us. Wonder, love, happiness are examples of the spiritual inside of us. So to become non-material, to reject materialism, does not mean to throw away your TV, phone, ipod, etc. It means to value your inside spiritual self more than material things. I have to bring this back to society whose existence is the most fundamental. To become a non-material society we must celebrate the spiritual nature of society

What is the spiritual nature of society? Evidence of it can be seen in the concept of social capital. This is a measure of social connectedness within a society. One might say it is a measure of bow we are communing with one another. Another example of social spirituality would be our level of compassion for one another. Or the consideration we have for one another. It is not something the government can do for us. We must experience these things on a personal level.

As a society, we may share a spiritual experience in an accomplishment of our society Our landing on the moon was an example of this. We all shared a sense of pride and wonder at having accomplished this mission. Or we may share a sorrowful spiritual experience such as 9/11. All Americans were united in their sorrow and outrage over this disaster. When natural disaster strikes and we come to the aid of one another. When our Olympic team wins gold. The winning of WWII was as intense positive social spiritual experience as Viet Nam was an intense negative spiritual experience.