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ImageA new study claims that a bad boss can be harmful for your heart. Here's how to deal if you work with one.

Keep it professional : When trying to address issues with your boss, don't make it sound like voicing a personal complaint. If you have a bad boss, it's but natural that he/she will not be interested in your woes. Keep the interaction professional and your tone neutral. When communicating ideas, make them sound like an issue that concerns the department and how he/she has the power to make some simple changes and get everything in order. This way, the boss feels that he/she is still in control of situations.

Do it over email : This is very important because when having a verbal conversation, you may often say something that may work against you. If your boss is someone who tends to hook onto words, backing up your request with a professional email is a must. Also, ensure that you cc the mail to someone trustworthy in your company. This particularly works because if your boss forgets or tries to blame you for something that's gone wrong, you have written evidence to defend yourself.

Perform well : Having issues with your boss is one thing. Maintaining a professional reputation in the market and within the organisation is entirely different. If the issue reaches someone at a higher level of the organisation, your lack of performance will work against you. Not to forget, the top management will any day support your boss rather than his/her subordinate.

Keep it private : You may not like your boss, but that need not be communicated to him/her directly as it may backfire miserably. Your boss may do everything possible to get back at you and it may hamper your long-term professional interests. Also, ensure that you do not convey your disliking to your colleagues as well. Bad words spread really fast.