Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
I just glanced at a nice passing by gal
She sharply turned to me,
Hesitatingly I said 'just glanced'
Tat cutie responded 'hope, you glance again'
May be that words, may be that sound
May be, that was she, so cute, so cool
May be, I was crazy and fool
I joined her
On the go, we shared fewer moments
The same keenness of her mind
The same blue-eyed resembled
As I ever met, I ever experienced
I couldn't see, may be I was blind
May be, I was so impressionistic kind
All I wished, a 'best friend' like her around
Hoped, things would remain within bound
Even contented myself,
Until I heard any sound that was unfounded
She conceived of me, the way she liked
I never thought of her the way she..
I showed her my innocent heart
And laid no claim
Pure, pleasing and best of all it was
But, not to feel it was

May be, it was her mistake
May be, I joined her at a wrong time
She only believed what others did say
She followed even their 'say'
She continued whining like amateur
I tried to be strong, with an exterior of joy
I tried to convince her
Even refrained when she'z high
But, all proved a vain attempt
I never intended to hurt tat little princess
She seemed to be enjoying for my pain
Or may be, she'z mapping my brain

Ohhhhh!! It was so lovely but was woke up
OOooops!! It was the dream, not so, wot I thought

I even wondered what it might have been like
But I cared for her,
I swear, I exposed my self the way, I liked it
No lies there to wear
May be, I was weak, May be she was strong
May be, I hurt her more, all unconsciously
Anyway, It was
A small parallel walk, on watertight track

I have nothing to say
Except sorry for my craze
But still crazy, may be, I am, this time
zust to say... her
Oh!! Sorry yaara

===== end ======