Wanting to get in a Poetic Mood? Or wanna create a Romantic atmosphere around u by some Poetry? Get the Best of them here.
Forget his smile, forget his face
Forget his kiss and warm embrace
Forget his love that once was true
Remember now there's someone new.

Forget the times you've been together
Remember now his gone forever
Forget the times you were alone
Forget the times he used to phone
Forget he made your dreams come true
Remember now there's someone new

Forget his teasing gentle ways
Forget you saw him everyday
Forget the thrills when he waltzed by
Forget the times he made you sigh
Forget the way he said your name
Remember now things aren't the same

Forget the times he held your hand
Forget the sweet things if you can
Forget the things you used to do
Accept the fact that there's someone new . . .