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Test Paper :3
Paper Type : Whole Testpaper
Test Date : 1 April 2006
Test Location : HYDERABAD
Posted By : Kiran Reddy


Hi friends, This is Kiran Reddy Lakkadi MCA (2005) from Hyderabad, I ve written Softsol written test on 1st April, here I am sending some qns I got set no 2 , so i am sending set no 2 questions.

Exam pattern was 3 sections, each section contained 10 questions only, and the time was 30 min only

Section # 1 : Mathematica (especially Calculus , functions and algorithms)
Section # 2 : Mental Ability

there are 2 questions on tables and we have to get conclusion from them, its easy, 1 question on pie chart,

4..... on sets (there are 6 persons take TEA, 6 persons take MILK, 15 persons take COFFEE, 2 of them take 2 items, 1 of them take all 3 items, and none was there without any (TEA,COFFE,MILK) item, then what are the total no of People there.......
Ans : 24
Soln : (6-2-1)+(6-1)+(15)=24)

5..... 1,2.....9 are assigned to letters m,n,,,,,,,,,,u, and m is 3 more than n, sum of m and p is 9, and rm-r =2, then r=? not exactly, but like that very easy,

6.... 4 friends A,B,C,D are having total of 4000 rs,
A+B=C+D, A>B,C=D/2, and A-C=3, then who are having more money,
Answer ....A

Section # 3 : Computer Section

1...... among network topolgies like BUS, RING, STAR and some other ,which is famous......
My answer was STAR.

2...... there is qn on IF, FOR ,DO WHILE, BREAK, CONTINUE on left side and corresponding answers on right side, we have to match them,

3...... c++ was devolped by whoom, when where, what are the features of c++

4...... once complie the program , to which variables the memory will allocated,...options are (STACK, HEAP,GLOBAL VARIABLES, METHODS)

5...... computer generations

Ok guys, it was very difficult to remember questions, I tried my level best.