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Would this be a strong incentive not to smoke???
Smokers need not apply - publishing firm's job ad
Melbourne - Katie Bice
From:Herald Sun
May 11, 201211:54AM

New incentive to stop smoking>>>SMOKERS face a new battleground - employers say they "need not apply" for jobs.
Online advertisements calling specifically for non-smokers have sparked debate about the line between personal choice, discrimination and protecting workers' health and productivity.

The jobs range from drivers to personal trainers, publishers, disability workers and even receptionists.

A South Melbourne publishing firm, advertised for an experienced full-time graphic designer, with the line: "Smokers need not apply!".

A similar push is happening in the US where some hospitals have begun testing workers for nicotine use in their drug screens.

Action on Smoking and Health Australia chief executive Anne Jones said some employers should be allowed to hire only non-smokers.

"I think there is going to be more ads like this because most workplaces are quite concerned about the loss of productivity from smoking," she said.

"What is very understandable is that some workplaces are saying they don't want smokers to apply because they see it as a productivity issue."

Ms Jones said health organisations and hospitals would have particular reason not to employ smokers.

But she said every workplace was different and some would be better off paying for staff to undergo quit courses.

Australian Institute of Fitness coach Andre Sammut said non-smokers were preferred because it reflected on company values.

"We are delivering training in fitness and health and we want to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle," he said.

Acting Victorian Equal Opportunity Commissioner Karen Toohey warned advertisements must not discriminate.

She said: "Stipulating smokers need not apply for a job may be against the law. Employers should not seek to exclude smokers from applying for a position, unless the need not to smoke is an inherent requirement of the role."

Ms Toohey said factors such as weight, height or smoking were not relevant to a person's ability to do their job. Every employer should be looking for "the best person for a job".

Victoria Premier Ted Baillieu said while advertising for non-smokers may breach equal opportunity provisions, the message to quit was a good one.

"I would encourage people to put the fags out, don't smoke and get on with the job,'' Mr Baillieu said.