Jokes based on your Favorite Sports and Sportstars. See if you can stand the idea of these sports being made fun of.
There are these two women having a game of golf one day, but they are holding up the two men behind them by taking their time putting and aiming for the holes.

After about 4 holes of this, Bill says to his friend Fred, "I think I'm going to go ask them if they don't mind stepping out of the way so we can play our shot and move on to the next hole."

So Bill comes within 6 feet of the women, decides he can't do it, and walks back to Fred. "What's the problem," asks Fred.

Bill says, "Hey man, I can't talk to them. One is my wife, and the other one is my mistress.

So brave Fred decides he'll do the honors. He walks over to the women but then turns and walks straight back toward Bill.

"I can't talk to them either," he says.

Bill sighs and asks what Fred's problem is, Fred smiles sheepishly and says, "Small world isn't it?" :)