As the name suggests, this section is for Girls and only for girls. Boys Strictly prohibited. For girls, they can talk or do almost anything they want, from gossiping to criticizing, from jewellery to clothes. They have a wide range of Topics to talk about.

Body type
Girls with broad hips should wear A-line skirts in a bias cut ie the garment is cut at an angle to the warp (horizontal yarns) and weft (vertical yarns) of a fabric. Avoid broad waistbands and pencil skirts.
Skinny girls should wear fuller skirts like a bubble skirt (a voluminous skirt, somewhat resembling a balloon), and avoid pencil skirts and anything, which clings to the body.

Saddled with a paunch? Wear skirts with embroidery on the hem as it takes attention away from the waist. Also team it up with a plunging V-neckline as it makes the torso look slimmer.

Short chicas can choose from monochromatic (single) colours, which give an illusion of height. A-line skirts, which are fitted at the hips, can also make short girls look taller. If one is wearing a belt, it should ideally be of the same colour as the skirt.