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ImageInvesting in mutual funds is all about following the basics, keeping it simple and persisting with your investments. In the last decade, mutual funds have been the single biggest vehicle of transporting retail investor's savings into stocks and debt instruments.

Discipline and commitment are the buss words while investing in mutual funds through systematic investment plans (SIPs).

We at look at 6 mutual funds which you as an investor can consider for fulfilling your long term goals:

1. HDFC Prudence Fund: Balanced fund for all investor

HDFC Prudence Fund, an open ended balanced scheme from HDFC Mutual Fund for couple of reasons: Mostly importantly because it is an excellent fund in 'Balanced Funds' category which can be considered by investors especially who are first timers in equity markets.

The fund came into existence on February 01, 1994 and aims to provide periodic returns and capital appreciation over a long period of time, from a judicious mix of equity and debt investments, with the aim to prevent/ minimise any capital erosion.

Investments in the scheme comprises both in debt and equities. The fund would invest in debt instruments such as government securities, money market instruments, securitised debt, corporate debentures and bonds, preference shares, quasi government bonds, and in equity shares.

Courtesy: Investment-mantra
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