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ImageDuring its existence for over a decade, Franklin India Bluechip Fund has had periodic spurts of outstanding performances during 1997-99 and then again from 2002-04 when it outperformed the market indices by healthy margins.

However, barring these periodic bouts, Franklin India Bluechip has been a consistent performer with returns aligned to those of the broader market indices.

In fact, the fund is one of the funds that believes strongly in the traditional philosophy of long-term investment in highly liquid and large companies and is thus suitable for investors with low risk appetite.

For instance, in 2006 and 2007, the two years of fantastic rally witnessed in the equity market, when many other diversified equity schemes have had startling performances, Franklin India Bluechip failed to impress its investors with returns that were highly correlated to the movements in the BSE Sensex.

The fund's abstinence from some of the high performing sectors such as real estate and infrastructure then could be construed as one of the reasons for the fund's abysmal performance. However, the very same investment strategy proved to be a boon in the following year when the market meltdown trashed the equity market by more than 50 percentage points.

Franklin India Bluechip, however, succeeded in curtailing its fall to about 48 per cent in that year. In 2009 again, the fund delivered about 85 per cent gains for that year, once again aligned approximately to those of the Sensex at about 81 per cent.