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ImageSmart bottom up stock picking and sector allocation has always worked for the fund. The fund invests in companies with strong balance sheets, cheap valuations, high dividend yield etc. lowering the probability of loss in adverse market conditions.

During periods when markets correct significantly, the fund manages to contain downsides much better than its benchmark. During early 2007, in the protracted correction of 2008-09 and even in the recent fall over the last few months, UTI Dividend Yield managed to contain erosion in its NAV to the tune of 2 to 14 percentage points better than the BSE-100.

When markets are on an upswing, such as those witnessed in late 2007 and in the rally that started from March 2009, the fund managed to match the returns of its benchmark.

Its impressive performance in 2007 of 71 per cent put it ahead of the Sensex which managed 47 per cent and multi-cap category average of 60 per cent.