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Image6. UTI Dividend Yield Mutual Fund: Excellent navigator through bad times

UTI Dividend Yield Fund's excellent long-term track record to deliver steady returns with ability to limit the downside makes us introduce this excellent fund from UTI AMC to our readers. Over one-, three- and five-year time frames, the fund has managed to outpace its benchmark -- BSE 100.

UTI Dividend Yield Fund is positioned as a conservatively managed equity fund. The fund portfolio primarily comprise of stocks which are high dividend yielding (on historical basis) or potential high dividend yielding stocks. The fund has a good mix of companies across various sectors.

The fund is well suited for investors with medium to low risk profile and with a long term investment horizon. The fund aims to distribute regular dividends to its investors.

This diversified large-mid cap oriented fund with conservative-style of funds management is suitable for all equity investors.